Company Profile

Magtech Industrial Company founded in 1997 by a team of enthusiastic engineering professionals produces permanent magnetics for various industrial and consumer applications. Having gained years of experience we have become one of the leading manufacturers of high performance permanent magnets. Backed by a technical team of over hundred of professional engineers in magnetic metallurgical engineering, we produce high quality, high precision, technological advanced permanent magnets and magnetic parts for industries of electronics, telecommunication, audio, home appliances, automobile, data processing devices, measuring devices, etc. The demand for permanent magnetic material keeps increasing and the scope of their applications continues to expand. With a global business concept in mind, we have been providing our customers worldwide with superior quality products and services in competitive prices, and have earned continuous reputation. Keeping today¡¦s success, we continue to work dedicatedly to develop new magnetic applications for the future..

Our Products

Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnet, Sintered
Hard Ferrite Magnet
Flexible Rubber Magnet
Bonded NdFeB Magnet
AlNiCo Magnet
Promotional Magnet
Planning Board Magnet
Application Magnets

Our Services, Capability and Vision

Advice on prototype design and engineering support of applying permanent magnetics
Manufacturing excellence from prototype construction to quantity production
High precision grinding, slicing, wire-cutting and shaping to specific requirement
Magnetizing, calibrating, magnetic measurement
Systematic quality control throughout the complete production flow to ensure defect-free output
After-sale review to guarantee satisfaction on customer’s application
Global sales and marketing with aim to serve and establish long term mutual-rewarding relationship with clients worldwide

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